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Department: Aerospace Engineering
Insitution: University of Maryland - College Park
  College Park, MD

The Aerospace Engineering department has four named faculty professorships, four affiliated
NAE members, 22 full-time faculty, an undergraduate enrollment of over 615 students, graduate
enrollment of over 145 students, and over $12 million in research expenditures last year. The
department is also home to the only university-hosted neutral buoyancy research facility, a 50-
foot diameter, 25-foot deep water tank that is used to simulate the micro-gravity environment of
space. Close proximity to downtown Washington, DC provides access to key elements of the
federal research and development infrastructure. Additionally, UMD is close to NASA Goddard,
the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, and the Naval Research Laboratory,
providing key opportunities for collaboration in the space sector. UMD also has a cadre of space
science researchers in other departments at the university. We welcome candidates that would
strengthen ties with external and internal partners.

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