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Doctoral Fellow in Water Electrolysis - REF 22PhD182

University of São Paulo

  • Nov. 29, 2022
  • Doctoral Fellow in Water Electrolysis - REF 22PhD182
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • University of São Paulo
    Sao Paulo
  • Jan. 31, 2023
  • February 2023
  • Graduate Student
  • Mechanical Engineering
    Engineering Physics
    Engineering Mechanics
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Project title:

“Doctoral Fellow in Water Electrolysis”

Research theme area:

Electrochemical Reactors; Water Electrolysis.

Summary of the Post:

The candidate will work with professors from USP and Imperial College London, where the objective of this doctoral position is the development, testing, and characterization of novel electrodes and electrochemical reactor designs for the selective conversion of complex waters into hydrogen and oxygen. A key aspect of this position is the holistic approach to electrochemical reactors, which includes making electrodes, component manufacture, and reactor characterization and operation. This is a transdisciplinary position, with close collaboration with numerical modelling of the reactors. Therefore, a capacity to overcome apparent barriers between disciplines is an asset.

Research Duties:
● To take initiative in the planning of research;
● To develop and characterize new electrodes;
● To integrate catalysts onto suitable electrodes and test them;
● To design and manufacture reactor prototypes and their components;
● To operate and characterize the electrochemical reactors;
● To identify and develop suitable approaches for tackling the problems associated with the operation of electrochemical reactors;
● To propose and develop new techniques for the characterization of the reactors;
● To design reproducible experiments and conduct data analysis;
● To ensure the validity and reliability of data at all times;
● To maintain accurate and complete records of all findings;
● To write reports for submission to research sponsors;
● To present findings to colleagues and at conferences;
● To submit publications to refereed journals;

Management Duties:
● To contribute to managing a laboratory and help maintain a clean, safe and productive environment;
● To plan and manage project workshops;
● To assist undergraduate research students in their work making sure that they comply with laboratory operations;
● To write and submit appropriate research summary reports;
● To comply with relevant Institutional policies, including Financial Regulations, Equal Opportunities Policy, Promoting Race Equality Policy, Health and Safety Policy, Information Systems Security Policy and Intellectual Property Rights and Register of Interests Policies.

Financial Duties:
● To manage the ordering of materials associated with the section of the project associated with the candidate.

Strategy Duties:
● To assist in the preparation of reports of the research.

Requirements to fill the position:

Applicants are required to demonstrate that they possess the following attributes:
- Bachelor’s degree or MSc in engineering or physical sciences.
- Familiarity with energy-conversion electrochemical devices, such as fuel cells and electrolyzers.
Experience (are highly valued, albeit not fully required)
- Experience in handling all aspects of an electrochemical device;
- Experience in the manufacture of electrodes and electrochemical systems, especially electrolyzers;
- Experience with electrochemical and related experimental techniques is essential;
- Experience in microkinetic modelling is an asset;
- Knowledge of catalytic mechanisms;
- Experience with transdisciplinary research and practical experience of working as part of a research team.
Skills and Abilities
- Supervisory/Staff Management Skills;
- Teaching skills;
- Ability to exercise initiative;
- Programming skills, especially in lab-based systems;
- Ability to relate appropriately to others;
- Report writing skills;
- Presentation skills;
- Ability to conduct a detailed review of recent literature;
- Ability to develop and apply new concepts;
- Creative approach to problem-solving;
- Ability to direct the work of a small research team and motivate others to produce a high standard of work;
- Ability to prioritise own work in response to deadlines;
- Basic computer skills, including word-processing, spreadsheets and the Internet.
- Knowledge of electrolysis.
- Knowledge of electrochemical reactors/systems;
- Knowledge of transport phenomena.



This PhD scholarship is funded by FUSP. The scholarship will cover a standard maintenance stipend of R$ 3.462,42 per month for PhD first year and R$ 4.285,50 per month for PhD second and third years.


Position: Doctoral Scholarship REF: 22PhD182 AND APPLICATION AT REF 22PhD182 – Doctoral Scholarship

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Contact Information

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